Arguing is always expressed on an acoustic and visual level: Angry minds roar while angry faces mimic social dissent. Both culminate within the music culture of rap to › outrageous‹ AUDIO:VISIONENS.

›Concertare‹ means nothing other than to compete, to fight, to argue. In this respect, it is not surprising that concert halls and dance floors are often the venues for 'outrageous' events: from the dissonances of the avant-garde, which manifest themselves blatantly in the context of music scandals, to current forms of music - among which rap has developed into a paradigmatic culture of debate.
This modern genre of musical degradation has scenic-visual as well as linguistic-acoustic dimensions.

Rap culture finds its performative and interventionist expression in 'battles', in which 'dissing' with words, gestures and poses is elevated to different forms of stilisations. This was demonstrated by the rap artist FAKKT as part of the performance after two controversial lectures by Anna Schürmer and Leef Hansen referring to the topic of AUDIO:VISIONS – CULTURES OF DEBATE WITHIN IMAGE AND SOUND.
Leef Hansen's lecture focused on visual interventions. In this context, he talked about the artistic process of creating the music video »Gift« as part of the curation of the annual exhibition of the Francke Foundations 2023/24: STREIT and the connection of that process to the field of artistic research.