People fight with each other all the time. Arguing is an anthropological constant. Currently, there are many ways, on many topics, in many ways to argue. But what role does the media and especially the digital media play within different societies and collectives?

Pursuing this question, the seminar will focus on different culture(s) of debate and the mechanisms of degradation form a transdisciplinary point of view.

Within the seminar CULTURE(S) OF DEBATE – CONSIDERATIONS OF MEDIA AND SOCIETY during summer semester 2022, the students devote themselves to the topic of culture(s) of debate and its principles from a perspective as artistic researchers as well as media designers.
The motto of the seminar: Theory meets practice. In this dual role, the participants focus on selected facets and approaches of different culture(s) of debate and deepen their observations in exciting discourses using practical approaches within the range of video, film, sound and photography. 

As part of the seminar, practical exposés for possible exhibits were prepared by the students and presented in front of the curatorial board of e.g. Francke Foundations as well as the City Museum of Halle (Saale).

This has led to the practical implementation of some of the students' ideas, such as the »hate phone« as part of the exhibition: “Streit, Zoff und Beef” at the City Museum of Halle (Saale).