Rap can be considered as an artistic culture of debate, encompassing both scenic-visual and linguistic-acoustic dimensions. The genre finds its performative expression in 'Battles', in which 'dissing' with words, gestures and poses is elevated to a stylistic device. These cultural practices of arguing are often accompanied by a formalized display of mockery and shame. The genre is therefore attractive for artistic taboo breaks, with which the limits of what can be said are repeatedly renegotiated and staged. The sometimes violent hate comments are therefore not to be understood literally and without reflection - this also applies and specifically to the Rap-Artist FAKKT, who slips into a role in his contribution to the exhibition »Streitkulturen«: Within the music video »GIFT« he merges into an textually, acoustically and visually State of confrontation with internal and external perspectives of »dispraise«, which is shown in stylized gestures, poses and speech acts.

The exhibit deliberately plays with invisible and visible masquerades. What is said and shown is an interpretation of contemporary digital hate comments that are processed as fragments and (self-)critically processed in rap.

Besides the creation and curation of the exhibit FAKKT »GIFT« together with Jun. Prof. Anna Schürmer, Leef Hansen and Prof. Dr. Franziska Heller are responsible for the curation of the exhibition-room »SCREENS« in which they have selected different exhibits displaying examples of the culture of debate within social media, cinema as well as television.

An accompanying catalogue with the same title will be published for the exhibition and includes the article “WENN ZWEI SICH STREITEN, FREUT SICH DER DRITTE” which Leef Hansen wrote together with Prof. Franziska Heller.